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We give loans when members are suffering financial hardship through unforeseen circumstances or they literally have nowhere else to turn.
Where a member has found themselves in these kinds of financial difficulties, we may offer an interest-free loan. This can be paid back through deductions from salary for up to five years.

If your application is the result of mounting debt then you may be required to take two further steps in order to be considered for assistance.

These are;

Step one: Booking a consultation with Caroline Harris, Financial Welfare Consultant, George Burrows at Guardian’s House, who will review your financial situation. (Appointments can be booked through the Federation office on 0121 752 4900

Step two: We may request that you undertake a debt management review, with a company such as PayPlan to assess your financial options and the level of difficulty you find yourself in.

There is no initial fee for following these steps. Both consultations may result in recommendations to the Benevolent Fund in how we proceed with your application.

payplanWe can also point members to other agencies and charities who may be able to help them, starting with the Useful Links page.

How to apply:

You will need to explain why you are applying and give details of income, expenditure and savings. All information is strictly confidential and only the secretary of the Benevolent Fund knows the identity of the applicant.

For more information, please call us on 0121 752 4919 or click here.

Charity Number: 1186628

Company Number: 03179216

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