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Grateful thanks to you, the police family

We have given out over £30,000 in charitable grants and loans last week to support members suffering serious illness, mobility issues, distress, and hardship.

Over £5,000 was granted in the form of interest free loans; including a loan for a stairlift to help a member with a progressive illness.

An additional £27,000 was awarded in grants, including a bathroom conversion for a member suffering with dementia, a stairlift for a retired member suffering from cancer and a special rise and fall chair for a member with limited mobility following a severe stroke.

We also gave a special grant to provide the West Midlands Police Honour Guard with a funeral drape when conducting officer and staff funerals.

One of the grants we gave was to retired member Chris and his wife Sharon, both retired West Midlands Police officers. Chris has been suffering with Dementia for a couple of years now, and Sharon has become his fulltime carer.

“We have both been paying into the Benevolent fund since joining the police and didn’t opt out on retiring, but in truth, I’ve never really given any thought to what they actually do”, explained Sharon.

“Unbeknownst to Chris or I, the Ben Fund are, among other things, there to offer financial support to police officers in time of need. I had no idea what that actually meant, a loan, a grant, a contribution?

“I submitted a form for funding for an en-suite. Within a week, the fabulous Steve Newbury, from the Benevolent Fund, was sitting on my settee discussing exactly what Chris’s immediate and future needs would be. To cut a long story short, we answered a few questions, we filled in a couple of forms and we submitted a few quotes and on Friday I got a phone call.

“The Benevolent Fund agreed to cover the full cost of the renovations to the en-suite. To say I am amazed, overwhelmed, shocked beyond belief is an understatement. To realise I didn’t even know this help, this support was even available, makes me feel rather stupid.

So, I just wanted to say thank you to the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund.”

If you’re not in the Benevolent Fund, why not consider joining today. For just £2 per month, you could be helping fellow members in their hour of need. You never know you may also be grateful for our help in the future.







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