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One of the main aims of our police charity is to support our members in times of hardship, ill health or distress.

We’d like to share Jas’ story (below) and offer our continued support in helping Jas to achieve her fundraising goal.

Jas has been a loyal member of West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund for almost a decade.

When Jas experiences a sudden relapse in her Multiple Scoliosis (MS) we have sent her for complimentary treatment at St Michael’s Lodge as part of her membership benefits.

We are pleased to hear that her visits to the treatment centre have boosted her quality of life, albeit for short temporary bursts.

“I attended St Michael’s Lodge for rehab for my MS. I received a range of holistic treatments, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. I found all of theses very helpful. The water therapy made me feel that I can walk again without any assistance which made me feel emotional that I can do it all by myself again”.

However, Jas has spent most of her adult life dealing with this challenging and debilitating illness and desperately wants to raise enough money to fund live changing, Stem Cell Treatment, now her only chance of preventing the illness from progressing even further.

We hope you while spare time to read her story and support Jas’ appeal.

I’m Jas Kaur, 38 years old who has been battling Relapse Remitting Multiple Scoliosis (MS) disease since 2010.

MS has robbed many things in life from me since the early stages of my life and it has been devastating. It has deteriorated since to the point where I was admitted to hospital in 2021 for three months and I was put in to rehabilitation. I am now relearning to walk again.

I will not let this devastating disease take my life away from me. I am young and want to live my life the best I can just like everyone else.

Everyone that knows me knows that I am one not to give up and the most positive and optimistic soul.

My only chance to try and stop further progression is by having stem cell treatment. It is virtually impossible to get this treatment on NHS and the best option I have is to fund this myself. However, this comes to a cost of £20,000. This is where I call all my friends for help with this GoFund me page.

There is so much more I want to do with my life and partner Craig- who is my rock.

I don’t know how long it will take but I believe it’s possible with all my friends and colleagues’ support.

I know times are difficult for everyone but every penny will really help build my fund.

However big or small your donation it will change a life forever and that in its self is very rewarding.

If you can help with any fundraising activities then I will really appreciate it.

I will keep you updated. Please share my story with many people as you can to help me achieve my goal. 

Thank you for listening to my story and your kind donation.


Jas Kaur



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