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Amazing, brilliant, supportive, life changing

These are the words used by one member to describe the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund Charity.

New in service and with nowhere to turn, student officer Alex and his young family approached the Benevolent Fund and asked for our help.

This is Alex’s story

“When I was asked if I minded sharing my recent experience with the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund, I wasn’t sure what to say; amazing, brilliant, supportive, life changing. All these words I would use to describe the police charity.

As a student officer, you are learning every single day, having to adjust to new teams, new surroundings, and new policing challenges. Not to mention keeping up with the theory side of policing and managing your studies. In my second year of policing, a month before Christmas, I welcomed my second child to the family.

Life was busy but good, until that is, my wife phoned me in tears to inform me that we had been given an eviction notice on our current residence. This was issued with no reasons except that my young family and I were expected to leave the property within 12 weeks.

Imagine my thought process if you can, a student officer with a 6-month-old baby and a wife on paternity leave and being told to find a new home in just three months. To be quite honest I panicked, I spoke to my supervisor and informed him of what was going on mostly because I knew it would be a challenge concentrating with so much going on at home.

My sergeant was very calm and understanding and suggested I speak to the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund.

Admittedly, I felt nervous about asking the charity for help, but the Benevolent Fund showed tremendous patience and kindness.

Essentially, I needed access to funds for rent, a new deposit, and white goods that I simply couldn’t afford to shell out for at the time. I couldn’t borrow the money from anywhere else and basically, I had nowhere to turn.

The Benevolent Fund was great, they said they were happy to give me the money for a deposit and the first month’s rent, no loan or pay back necessary. The charity also went onto to say they would pay for all the white goods we needed for our new place; fridge freezer, washing machine and a new oven that I couldn’t take out of the old house.

I was overwhelmed by their support.

The Benevolent Fund helped us at such a stressful time. All this support and assistance, all of the care and consideration, the time spent on the phone, emails and face to face meetings, for £2 a month?

Bargain. “

Any serving officer, PCSO or police staff can join the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund. For just £2 per month, you can enjoy a host of membership benefits that will support you throughout your police service and into your retirement.

For more details about the Fund and how to join visit

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