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The importance of giving

Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands, Simon Foster, was given an insight into the work of West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund last month and explains why the giving of just £2.00 per month is more important than ever during these challenging times.

“There is a lot of uncertainty now as many of us are deeply concerned about the rising cost of living. This will inevitably push many people into a very real period of financial uncertainty,” explains the PCC.

Simon is fully aware of people’s personal struggles from his background as a legal aid solicitor for 35 years, representing vulnerable people and families, and was keen to hear how the Benevolent Fund has been supporting those experiencing financial hardship or distress.

Benevolent Fund manager, Steve Newbury chatted to Simon last month to explain how the police charity has been recently helping members and to reassure serving and retired officers, police staff and their families, that the charity is ready to offer continued support through the tough times that lie ahead.

So far this year West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund has given:

  • £26,379 in grants to help serving and retired members through difficult times.
  • £13,521 was donated to widows and orphans of deceased officers
  • £9,900 has helped members with convalescence and rehabilitation at St Michael’s Lodge
  • £4,680 in shopping vouchers to members off sick through injury or ill health.
  • And finally, £7,947 on interest free loans to members who were not able to borrow money from any other source.

“I suspect, many us don’t actually pause to appreciate the positive impact our £2.00 monthly subscription to the Ben Fund has on the lives of members who receive the Fund’s help”, added Simon.

“I was surprised when Steve explained that already this year, the Ben Fund has handed out over £62,000 in the form of grants and benefits to help our West Midlands Police colleagues.

“Not only is that an impressive sum but also extremely reassuring to know that we have a charity that is working alongside West Midlands Police to offer a direct level of support to police colleagues who need it. I was more than happy to show my support by joining the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund last month. It’s also fantastic to hear that membership is increasing too.

“I fully understand the collective impact my membership has on the charity’s good work and of course the importance of giving to such a worthy cause.”

The Benevolent Fund is open to all police staff, PCSO’s and serving officers. Membership is just £2.00 per month and offers a range of benefits including:

  • Access to Interest-free loans and grants in times of hardship or distress
  • Sickness vouchers if a member is unable to work due to sickness of injury
  • Convalescence and rehabilitation breaks at St Michael’s Lodge Treatment Centre
  • Discounted holidays at our properties in Dartmouth and Dorset
  • Exclusive rewards scheme offering a range of discounts
  • Free Will Writing Service
  • Death grant of £3500 to a nominated person
  • £25 per week for all their surviving children until their 18th birthday

Serving officers or police staff who pay £5.00 and retired members who pay £3.75 are protected members. This means they are also entitled to:

  • £600 medical consultations

If you are experiencing financial difficulties or finding it hard to cope with an unforeseen situation, please get in touch with the Ben Fund. They may be able to offer some form of assistance.


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