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Retired officer so grateful for our help

When retired officer Bob Holland, underwent a knee amputation back in May, the unexpectedness and severity of the surgery came as quite a shock. Just seven days post op Bob was told that he could leave hospital. His home was assessed and the family were told they would have a ramp fitted to enable access in and out of the property.

The day Bob came out of hospital, his wife, Caroline, got in touch with us to explain that their home was ill equipped to deal with his return. The hospital had not provided a wheelchair and the temporary ramp, they were promised, had not yet been fitted.

Caroline had to clear a storage area that adjoins their kitchen to make way for a bed and commode for her husband.

Clearly, the whole situation was deeply upsetting and very impractical.

Within days of Bob’s return from hospital we paid for a stairlift to be fitted. This enabled Bob to use the upstairs bathroom and recuperate in the comfort of his bedroom.

“I’m so grateful to the Benevolent Fund for their recent help. I was a member of the Fund throughout my police service. It’s something I was more than happy to pay into, not realising, that one day I would be receiving help from the Fund myself.”

More than ever this year, we want to say a massive thanks to all our members for supporting us through what has continued to be a very uncertain time.

As a police charity we rely on the monthly subscriptions of members in order to offer help and practical assistance to people like Bob.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support.

Thank you.

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