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Treatment resumes at St Michael’s Lodge therapy centre

We’re pleased to announce that St Michael’s Lodge, the holistic treatment centre in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire is now operating a phased re-opening.

The therapy centre closed its doors last year in response to the Covid-19 outbreak but has now resumed treatment for our members this month.

St Michael’s Lodge offers outstanding breaks for both mental and physical well-being and since its £2.5million extension, back in 2017, the Lancashire based centre has unveiled a whole range of holistic treatments.

Treatment that’s tailor made

The Lodge offers a four-night residential treatment programme for Ben Fund members (in any 12-month period) as part of our £2.00 monthly subscription.

Our Chairman, John Williams explains, “The idea of the lodge is to provide members with a bespoke care package, that’s tailor made to offer the best level of support. Policing can be an uncertain job with challenges along the way. Illness or injury may present itself at any time therefore, having access to this facility, alone should convince serving officers of the benefit of being a member of the Benevolent Fund.”

Intensive residential physiotherapy

St Michael’s offers intensive residential physiotherapy where members can benefit from a varied exercise class timetable, supported by use of the state-of-the-art gym and swimming pool/hydrotherapy pool.

An experienced team of physiotherapists are on hand to provide specialist care to patients affected by injury, illness or disability. Bespoke treatment programmes and interventions are supplemented with alternative therapy to enhance treatment and aid recovery.

The Physio team hold Pilates sessions in the work-out area and run Ai Chi strengthening and relaxation sessions in the hydrotherapy pool, which they also use for physio sessions on patients with more serious injuries.


Comprehensive wellbeing programme

St Michael’s now offers a wellbeing programme which includes Ai Chi, Stretch, Mindfullness sessions and massage to promote positive mood, lower anxiety and combat stress.

The treatment centre will soon be launching a new well-being studio that will provide a range of fitness and holistic classes. These will be available to members staying on residential purposes at the Lodge and for those receiving outpatient services such as physiotherapy.

Classes will be held daily and include Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. Full details about the new well-being facilities will be available soon.

 “Everyone who works there are extremely lovely and accommodating and I can’t begin to say how much places like St Michael’s Lodge are worth their weight in gold, as are all of the people.”  Serving West Midlands Police officer

How to book your stay

From 1 June, all West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund members can apply to stay at the convalescence and rehabilitation centre in the usual way.

Your application, however must be supported by medical evidence from a medical practitioner.

We would like to reassure visitors that the treatment facility will be operating under strict Covid rules and these will be communicated to members at the time of booking.

John Williams, Chairman of the Fund, said: “You can see from the pictures here that St Michael’s Lodge offers pretty impressive facilities and wide-ranging treatment options for members. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a very worthy benefit for the minimal monthly subscription fee to the fund.”





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