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It’s people like you that enable us to do wonderful things!

Thanks to your monthly subscription, I was able to give the good news to serving officers Kerry and Toby Handley that we have pledged £5,000 towards their daughter’s life her saving treatment.

Macy lives with the complex syndrome ASD/Asperger’s and also suffers from abnormal curves in her spine, meaning she has to wear a brace 20-hours a day. The family recently heard about a breakthrough treatment called Vertebral Body Thethering (VBT). This treatment would replace the need for spinal fusion surgery and causes minimal scarring and a much quicker recovery time, meaning Macy would be back at school within 6 weeks!

At the moment Macy is the perfect candidate, however if the curvature of her spine were to increase further this would result in VBT no longer being an option. Therefore, time is of the essence.

Kerry and Toby are racing against the clock to raise the £90,000 needed to pay for this. And thanks to our recent donation and the kindness of many more people, they are in touching distance of their target.

If you would like to help Macy raise the final £9,000 needed you can donate here.

It’s been a few months now since we launched our new reward scheme offering a variety of discounts on retail, leisure, holidays and more. Almost 1,000 members accessed the site last month and benefited from the offers.

Here’s a reminder on how you can access the rewards. Select the ‘Members Area’ here on our website and click on ‘Exclusive Rewards’. You will then need to enter the following password: WMPBENCHARITY

This will take you to the ‘Your Rewards’ page, where you can follow the instructions on how to enter the site.

We’re also delighted to be finally welcoming members back to our holiday properties this week. We’ve put lots of effort into making sure our guests can enjoy their well-deserved break.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the families who have expressed an interest in our family fun day at Blackwell Adventure. The response from members was so overwhelming, we have decided to run a second day on Thursday 26th August. Members will be notified at the end of April as to whether they have secured a place for either day.

As national restrictions ease further, I hope you continue to enjoy time with family and friends as well as the little pleasures of a haircut or a pint, that so many of us took for granted before!

Stay safe and well


John Williams, Chair of West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund


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