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We’re reducing our paper trail to offer more to members

Members will be receiving a letter this week explaining our plans to save money and at the same time, do our bit for the planet.

By utilising the Benevolent Fund website and email platform, we hope to communicate with everyone more regularly and make big savings at the same time.

The cost of producing, administrating and posting a letter to over 7,000 members is a huge expense and something we believe could be easily and cheaply replaced by emailing members and providing updates on the website.

We already share important information about membership services and benefits to those who have ‘opted in’ to receive notifications via email.

We hope all our members will agree and give their consent to this new method of communication.

When your letter arrives and you’re happy for us to contact you in this new way, no further action is required. If we don’t hear back from you within 28 days, we will take it that you have given your consent for the Fund to contact you via email or through our website.

If you prefer to continue receiving information in hard copy form via post then you will need to complete the detachable slip on the letter.

Obviously there will be particular circumstances when we will need to contact members to send documents or information in hard copy rather than via Website or e-mail.

If you think we may not have your up-to-date contact details, you can provide your new email address via our website here:



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