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Membership benefits update

Following a recent re-assessment of the WMP Benevolent Fund membership benefits by our Management Committee and Directors it has been decided the £60 contribution towards ( what is known as) ‘travelling expenses’, following a visit to Flint House, will be withdrawn from 29 February 2020.

This entitlement was only available to serving members who were both subscribers to the Benevolent Fund and Flint House and excluded some sections of WMP police staff, our retired members and serving officers who chose not to donate to Flint House.

The travelling expenses will continue to be paid until that date to all qualifying members who claim. However new joiners from 15 July will not be able to apply for the £60 benefit.

Multi-million pound St Michael’s Lodge offers convalescence and rehabilitation breaks

We’re delighted to inform members that as part of our benefits review we have now increased the allowance for anyone applying to stay at St Michael’s Lodge for convalescence and rehabilitation breaks. This allowance offers more treatment opportunities and enhanced well-being breaks.

Physiotherapy is just one of the many treatments available at St Michael’s Lodge

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