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Christmas comes early for member’s son

Christmas has arrived early for retired officer, Trevor Reed, who is over joyed with the help WMP Benevolent Fund has given his son.

Trevor’s son, Jamie is mentally and physically disabled and has the mental age of three. He cannot read, write or sign and lives in a specialist care home, where he receives round-the-clock care. His room is designed for wheelchair access and requires bespoke furniture to accommodate his equipment and personal items.

Jamie’s furniture was in desperate need of being replaced after it got damaged by his strength and clumsiness manoeuvring his wheelchair around.

The Fund gave member Trevor a grant to have new bespoke furniture built for Jamie to ensure his quality of life continues.

We are pleased to say the new units have arrived just in time for Christmas.

Jamie with his bespoke furniture

“The units are absolutely brilliant and have been specially made to fit Jamie’s bedroom. They are wonderful and have made such a difference.

“On behalf of my son, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Benevolent Fund for such kindness. Jamie cannot express his gratitude directly but there is no doubt that without your extremely kind help, we would have been really struggling to find the funds to help Jamie. “

Jamie pictured with his new desk

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