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Ben Fund brings comfort to recovering staff member

The preparations and cost of moving house are stressful enough, but to be diagnosed with breast cancer and faced with imminent surgery is a lot to cope with.

When a police staff member contacted us for help we were only too happy to offer our support.

“I can’t thank the Benevolent Fund enough for their recent help and support. It’s been such a difficult time for me, I had just decided to move house and had accepted a property when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I couldn’t afford to pull out without losing a lot of money.

“I have pre-existing, life threatening illnesses and am partially disabled, therefore I was under a specialist team to prepare me for surgery. This involved a lot more visits to hospital; these were all done by taxis as I don’t drive.

“You can imagine the cost involved for that as well as the house move. I didn’t have any furniture to sit on and couldn’t afford it just then, even though I needed it especially after surgery once I was home.

“Getting in touch with the Benevolent Fund was very straight forward. Two days later I received a call from the Fund to say they would pay for my sofa. It was such a relief to know that I could have the furniture I needed for my comfort and recovery.

“I can’t thank you the Benevolent Fund enough they have been a tremendous help.”


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