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Discovered coins get converted into cash for Benevolent Fund!

It’s not every day you see over a hundred coins scattered across the road outside your house.

That’s exactly what Kath Hill, 75 from East Park, Wolverhampton and her neighbour Val Corns, 79, saw when they stepped out of their homes earlier this year.

The pensioners took a closer look at the glistening collection and discovered 126 coins lying across the road as if they had been thrown away.

“I rang my local neighbourhood team, straight away”, explained Kath.

Kath had served with West Midlands Police for over 39-years as a member of support staff as well as serving 17-years as a special constable.

“Val and I gathered all the coins up and handed them to the police. I received a call a couple of months later to say that no one had claimed the money and would I like to keep it.  Most of the coins were foreign currency however the total amount was £23.31.

“I was more than happy for this money to be donated to West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund and I made the total up to £50 and donated it to the Fund.

“I’m aware of how it (The Fund) supports police colleagues and their families and thought this a very fitting cause.”

WMP Benevolent Fund secretary, Roz Payne said, “We have seen an increase in donations to the Fund in the wake of the recent terror attacks across the country. We are really grateful to the public for their appreciation, support and kind donations.

“Kath remains an active member of the community, regularly attending local PACT Meetings (Public and Communities Together) and on behalf of the Benevolent Fund I would like to thank her for thinking of us.”

So far this year we have received a total of £97,123.70 in donations. You can find out who has donated to the Fund here:

Anyone can make a donation securely on line or by calling us on 0121 752 4919.


Anyone can make a donation on line or by calling us on 0121 752 4919



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