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We’ve just received a lovely postcard from Yellow Labrador, Bobbiedog.

Bobbie has been enjoying sandy paws and fish and chip suppers in Weymouth this week when she joined Benevolent Fund member, Sharon and her husband for a week’s stay at Peel’s Retreat.

Bobbiedog was given a loving home by Sharon, after she was abandoned as a pup at Solihull police station nearly 12 years ago!

 “Hello lovely Ben Fund people!

 We’re having a lovely time at your beautiful house in Weymouth. 

Mommy and daddy took me to a place called Portland Bill, didn’t see any ‘old bill’ but there was a lighthouse!

We’ve also been to Nothe Fort which was very interesting.  Got to go now as we’re off to the beach and I’m going to have a swim in the sunshine.”

Love from Bobbiedog x

Postcard from Bobbiedog

Postcard from Bobbiedog

Peel’s Retreat welcomes well behaved dogs and Bobbiedog is our first canine visitor to the property.

For more details about the availability of Peel’s Retreat and other member benefits visit



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