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Officer’s daughter a step closer to walking for the first time – thanks to Benevolent Fund

Serving officer and mother of twins, Natalie is a step closer to helping her daughter walk for the first time thanks to WMP Benevolent Fund.

Natalie became a member of the Ben Fund almost 11 years ago when she joined West Midlands Police.

Like many other members she’s never had any cause to use the Fund’s services but felt it comforting to know the Fund was there if ever needed.

In 2014 Natalie became a Mum to twins, Millie Bea and Evan Ray, born prematurely at 32 weeks.

When Millie Bea turned one year old last year, she was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy – a condition that causes tightness in her legs preventing her from walking.

£40,000 needed to make Millie Bea's walking wish come true

£40,000 needed to make Millie Bea’s walking wish come true

This was devastating news and even harder to accept when twin brother Evan was making his first steps independently.

The family were made aware of an operation (unfortunately not funded on the NHS) where the nerves in the spine which affect the tightness are cut to release them. With lots of physiotherapy after this procedure Millie Bea will then be able to walk unaided.

“The operation is our one hope and will cost around £40,000”, explains Natalie. “We are tirelessly fund raising and have already generated over £16,500.

“Police colleagues have been rallying around to help raise the much needed funds and then last week I received a call from the Benevolent Fund to say they would like to help. I was overjoyed when they agreed to donate £3,000 this means we are half way there.”

Fund Chairman, John Williams added, “When I made the management committee aware of the fundraising for two-year-old Millie Bea, the board were unanimous in their desire to help.

Donation from WMP Benevolent Fund brings fund raising target over half way

Donation from WMP Benevolent Fund brings fund raising target over half way

“Our donation nudges Mille Bea a step closer to her vital operation hopefully giving Natalie and her family a better quality of life. And that’s exactly what the Fund is there for.”

If you would like to donate to Millie Bea click here for further details



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