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Members gather for this year’s AGM

Chairman John Williams welcomed members to our annual AGM giving a comprehensive update on the activity of the Fund over the past 12 months. John shared plans for the year ahead and how the Fund has support retired and serving officers and police staff.

ACC Gary Cann welcomed members and thanked the Fund for its tireless work over the last 12 months.

“The Force is experiencing significant change and with the introduction of the WMP 2020 Change Programme the Benevolent Fund’s role in supporting police colleagues is as vital as ever”, explained Gary Cann.

Gary went on to commend the work of the Fund for its excellent caring ethos and its focus on the wellbeing and welfare of officers and police staff , “Our new People Deal is directly relevant to the services of WMP Benevolent Fund and I can see the Fund playing an important part in supporting staff in the future.”

WMP Benevolent Fund Annual AGM 10 June 2016

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