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Medically retired officer says “thanks” to Ben Fund.

“Several years ago I was involved in a pursuit with a stolen vehicle which resulted in our police vehicle being hit head on. Although not realised straight away, this collision caused me to suffer a bad spinal injury, and an incurable condition called Lymphoedema. This is a chronic long term condition that causes immense swelling in both my legs.

I had to be medically retired from West Midlands Police as there was no chance of recovery.

I now have very limited mobility and great restrictions on day to day life.

A consultant suggested that I purchase a recumbent exercise bike which would assist in physiotherapy and help with my general movement.

This equipment was quite expensive so I contacted the Police Benevolent Fund to see if they could help with cost.

The Fund Secretary, Roz Payne came out to my house and completed all the necessary paperwork to make the process much easier for me to apply.

Within a matter of days I was told that my application was not only successful, but that the Benevolent Fund would meet the entire cost of the exercise bike.

It was ordered, delivered and set up shortly afterwards.

Grant awarded to member to pay for recumbent exercise bike

Grant awarded to member to pay for recumbent exercise bike

Although nothing can cure my injuries, this new piece of equipment will be a great help to me and will allow me some form of exercise. Without the help of the Benevolent Fund it would have been quite a long time before I could have afforded the bike.

The whole process was totally uncomplicated and very quick. I am extremely grateful for all the help and support the Benevolent Fund has given me.”

Ade Quiney, medically retired officer


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