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Ben Fund improves quality of life for member’s family

I’m a serving officer, married for 18 years with 3 children. In 2012 my wife was unexpectedly struck with a Neurological illness, which left her suffering daily seizures in conjunction with spinal arthritis. Her mobility is now poor meaning daily activities, such as walking and going up the stairs is a difficult and painful chore.

In 2015 we decided that an extension at home was our only option to improve my wife’s quality of life. We borrowed on our mortgage for a ground floor bedroom but we also needed an ensuite wet room however this additional cost was something we couldn’t afford.
I have been a member of WMP Benevolent Fund since 1995 and contacted them to see if they could assist. They were really understanding and helpful and awarded us a grant of £3000. We were overjoyed as this meant we could now afford the wet room my wife so desperately needed.
Four months on our building work is complete and although my wife still experiences daily seizures and her mobility is still poor, the improvement to her quality of life and for us as a whole family has improved drastically which is all thanks to the generosity of the Benevolent Fund.
Ben Fund improves quality of life for members family

We would urge anyone who is not a member of WMP Benevolent Fund to join. If you’re a member and find yourself in a situation as distressing as ours please call the Fund to see if they can offer help. The Benevolent Fund team were great and the whole process was so easy, for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Joining the Fund couldn’t be simpler, just follow the link and apply online today

If you’re a member and you need help please contact via e-mail or call us on 0121 752 4919, we’re here to help you.

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