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Commissioner welcomes our welfare plan

Crime commissioner David Jamieson welcomed plans to increase welfare support for serving officers and police staff on a visit to the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund.

The West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner visited the Fund’s offices at Guardians House last week and heard about its plans for the future.

Chairman John Williams (below right) told him that the committee was proud to have given out more than £1 million in grants and loans over the last 10 years but that it wanted to do more to help the West Midlands police family.

“We’re increasingly worried about the number of officers and police staff struggling with debt problems so we now have a trained debt counsellor.

“But now we want to extend the Fund to a more general welfare service so that we can help even more people.”

Mr Jamieson said: “This is commendable because it will be a real help to officers and police staff. I’m very keen to promote our corporate responsibility, both internally and within the broader community.

New David Jamieson with John Williams (right)

“Externally, West Midlands Police plays an important role in the community and takes its corporate responsibilities seriously in providing people with a safe place to live. Organisations like the Benevolent Fund play a key role in delivering that.”

During the visit, Mr Jamieson also praised the ‘quiet work’ that goes on to help members of the Benevolent Fund by giving them grants and loans – and access to free debt counselling advice.

“You quietly sit there in a corner of Guardians House helping people by giving them loans and grants and I would like to thank you all for this work.”




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